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100k Subscribers Giveaway Announcement!

Apr 16, 2024
100k Subscribers Giveaway Announcement!

This year Target Focused Life passed 100,000 subscribers! This has been an incredible journey. We are very appreciative of all of you who continue to tune in, and very proud of y'all for creating and participating in this shotgun-specific community where we can share our life and outdoor passions together. To celebrate this milestone for our one-of-a-kind community, we would like to extend an invitation to a one-of-a-kind event! Check out the video to learn more, and we'll keep you posted as details are determined. Enter the giveaway below!

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TFL 100k Celebration:

To celebrate this milestone, we've decided to throw a two-day event! The first day is going to be a small exclusive meet-up at Steves home. This will be open to 10-20 people who would like to spend an afternoon on our home range where we film our videos! There'll be food, shooting, shotgun games, and a campfire! This is a great opportunity to connect with other TFL community members, hang out with Steve, and try out some of the shotguns you see in videos! Spots are limited for this exclusive meet-up! Stay tuned for more details to come!

The second leg of this event is an open-to-the-public range day at the Alexandria Shooting Park! This opens up the opportunity for an all-out shotgun party with games, competitions, and shooting experiences. Tickets for both of these events will soon be available for purchase. UNLESS you're the lucky winner of our 100k giveaway! If you win, you get to attend both of these events free of charge, with free travel!!! If that is something that interest you, enter the giveaway now! Its going to be a whole lot of fun!

Enter the giveaway! (HERE)



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