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South Florida Osceola Turkey Hunt with a .410 💥

Apr 05, 2022

It's Turkey Season, a wonderful time of year!


As a Minnesotan, one of the things I love about Turkey season is that winter has faded and spring is here. The birds that migrated south for the winter are returning and what was a frozen tundra for months is now coming back to life. For months, about the only sound outside was the whipping winter wind but now the sounds of gobbling toms fill the woods.

Turkey season doesn't start in Minnesota until April so this year I decided to head to South Florida and kick the season off in March. I have never hunted turkeys outside of the midwest and in case you didn't know, South Florida is nothing like the midwest, making this a really unique experience. 

My hunt in South Florida was part of a 3+ week road trip where I was filming a bunch of shotgun reviews. I brought my two Kleine Munsterlanders along with a whole lot of shotgun, ammo, and clay target along with all my filming gear and pointed headed South.

In a time crunch before I left, I had to select a shotgun for this hunt. Preferring to hunt Turkeys with a red dot optic, I had only one gun set up to go, my son's CVA Scout 410.

Just a few years ago, I would have never thought of using a .410 shotgun for hunting turkeys, but then I learned about the Federal TSS turkey ammo

Federal Premium Heavyweight TSS Turkey Shotshells deliver tight patterns of dense tungsten shot on target for maximum penetration at long range. TSS (Tungsten Super Shot) uses a tungsten-alloy with an 18 gm/cc density, which is 22% higher than standard tungsten and 56% denser than lead. The pellet's greater density results in greater downrange energy transfer and deeper penetration.

Pair TSS ammo with a Carlson's TSS choke and you have an incredibly lethal combination, even out of a .410. If you are recoil sensitive or getting youth out on Turkey hunts, I would highly recommend looking at the CVA scout, using Federal TSS and a Carlson's TSS choke tube.

The results of my hunt were identical to my son's, about a 20-yard shot and a Tom dropped dead in its tracks. 

Check out the video above to watch the full hunt and see my 410 turkey slaying setup in action.

Whether in the field or in life, we will only hit what we are laser-focused on, so live the #targetfocusedlife 

Stay Target Focused,



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