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The BEST Over-Under Shotguns of 2022

shotgun showdown Dec 15, 2022



As promised, this week we're counting down my favorite over-under shotguns from this year. I love hinge guns and need to get my hands on some more for next year! The categories today are best for clays, duck hunting, upland hunting, all-purpose, and best bang for the buck. If over-unders aren't your thing, two weeks from now, the best semi-autos of 2022 will be released so hold tight! Until then, enjoy the second installment of my "Best Of Series: Over Under Edition" Let's go! Do you agree with my picks? Did your gun make the list? Let me know in the TFL Community.



Browning Citori 725 Sporting 28 Gauge:

(WATCH REVIEW HERE) The Browning 725 is probably my favorite over-under of 2022 period. It mounts so nice, recoils so soft, and hits birds time and time again. Another reason I have such an affinity towards this gun is because of its various trigger options. This 725 sporting comes with replaceable trigger shoes to fit your comfort level and finger contour. To further maximize comfort, you are able to adjust the length of pull of the trigger and move it forward and back to wherever you'd like. This trigger is also mechanical, meaning you can fire the trigger back to back without it needing the inertia of the first shot to reset. This creates a perfectly predictable, smooth, and crisp trigger pull every single time you shoot. This gun is just dialed in and near-perfect. Being that most of what I do is clay shooting, the 725 was a no-brainer for this category. 




Browning Cynergy CX 12 Gauge:

(WATCH REVIEW HERE) It's not too often you hear about folks grabbing their over/unders while heading to the duck blind. There are definitely a few that I know of, but it's not popular where I'm located. If I had to grab an over-under to get some ducks with, I'd pick the Browning Cynergy. A big idea of the Cynergy is that it acts like a hybrid as Browning advertises it for many different functions and disciplines. This versatility is a big reason why it'd maybe find its way into a duck blind. With that said, Browning also makes this gun in its Wicked Wing Edition with vintage camo and cerekote so maybe more folks are taking them in the blind than I thought. Because of its hybrid nature, the Cynergy is a bit heavy, which is another reason I chose it. Too heavy for the field means that it's perfect for the blind. This gun also has a mechanical trigger. I was able to shoot this gun well and enjoy it!



Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon 20 Gauge:

(WATCH REVIEW HERE)  I've shot this gun a good amount this year and have loved it every time. I've hit clays consistently with it, and love the look, feel, and function of the 686 in the field. The 20 gauge recoil is super manageable and the overall ergonomics make it an easy gun to operate. I emphasize looks and design a bit more with over-unders and this one definitely stands out. The receiver engraving is super classy and well done. The slender schnabel forend is probably my favorite part. The only thing that drove me crazy in the field is the auto safety function. Every time the action is opened and closed the safety is reset. It's a smart feature, but I think I can manage the safety just fine. The frustrating part is how tight the safety tolerance is. I have missed birds with the safety being so tight on this brand-new gun. I've heard that over time it should loosen up so I am hopeful. Overall a fantastic over-under.




Franchi Instinct Sideplate 12 Gauge:

(WATCH REVIEW HERE)  Speaking over super good looking over under shotguns, this Franchi Instinct is my pick for best all-purpose. Like I said, I emphasize design more when it comes to over-unders. This Franchi accomplishes that while shooting very well in all disciplines without totally breaking the bank compared to other over-unders. The color-cased hardened receiver engraving features a gold pheasant on one side and a quail on the other. A unique piece of this gun that none of the others sport is a very nicely crafted top lever. The thought and design behind this gun is incredible all around as it shoots great too. Franchi is not necessarily known for there over-unders so to see them put this out is awesome. This is my go-to all purpose gun for 2022.




Weatherby Orion 12 Gauge:

(WATCH REVIEW HERE) Also not necessarily known for their over-unders is Weatherby. The Orion stood out as a great gun for the money. It doesn't compare to the looks of the Franchi or the ergonomics of the Silver Pigeon, but what it does bring to the table is solid shooting, reliability, and affordability. This is arguably one of the best over-unders you could get into if you need a gun without breaking the bank. The build quality is probably what impressed me the most. The forend size is a bit large and different than what I'd prefer, but I really appreciated the prince-of-Wales style stock and pistol grip. I don't have much more to say than this is a good gun with nice wood and quality hardware at a very reasonable price.


These are my top picks for over-under guns in 2022! Thanks for tuning in! Please note that as I review more guns and have more experiences, this list might change. Also, note that this is just my opinion and you are fully entitled to yours! With that said, hop on the free TFL community and let me know if you agree/disagree or whatever!

Whether our targets in the field or our targets in life, we will only hit what we are focused on, so live the #targetfocusedlife 

Stay Target Focused,



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