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Browning Citori 725 Sporting 28ga O/U Shotgun Review

shotgun review Nov 08, 2022

Today we're looking at the Browning Citori 725 Sporting shotgun in 28ga. This gun is beautiful. Right off the bat, I like it; I like it a lot. Watch the full video review above or read the scoop down below!


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  • 28 gauge (12, 410 available)
  • 30" Barrel (32" option)
  • 7lbs 8oz 
  • Length of Pull 14 3/4" 
  • Drop at Comb 1 9/16" 
  • Drop at Heel 2 3/16"
  • Comes with 5 chokes


  • 3lbs 15.7oz (Average)
  • This may be one of the best triggers I have ever pulled - I love the ability to adjust the trigger forward and back as well
  • It is also worth mentioning that this is a mechanical trigger - meaning that the trigger pull does not require the inertia of a shot to reset the trigger
  • This Citori 725 Sporting comes with 3 trigger shoes
  • This is a canted trigger meaning the face of the trigger is warped to form fit your finger when shooting. This can help minimize slight gun movements when shooting 
  • I love the weight of the trigger. So east to shoot


  • The steel receiver is very attractive, with nice engraving
  • I love the slender feel of the fore-end
  • The trigger is adjustable! It is also canted, meaning the pull surface curves, and form fits to the angle of your trigger figure rather than just being a flat more two-dimensional plane
  • Comes with vented barrels and raised rib with mid and front beads
  • This is a very nicely balanced O/U - better than most
  • Ivory mid-bead with fiber on the front
  • Easy/standard safety
  • The tolerances are super tight right now - should loosen up, but I appreciate the construction


  • This is a solid gun that should hold up extremely well over time
  • 3/4 Grade wood A (Walnut) with a matte finish. Very nice
  • Checkering is 20 lines per inch and looks fantastic


  • Shooting this test was a breath of fresh air as it took the recoil straight back to my shoulder
  • Ejectors work flawlessly - They don't throw the shells as far as others, but that's not an issue, in my opinion
  • 28 gauge is so smooth and easy to shoot


  • The uniqueness of the inside of this gun is that the barrel hinges on the receiver along a much longer surface than most O/U's. I would think that this design will give the gun much more longevity as the tension and pressure are spread across a wider surface
  • The breakdown is the only thing I haven't totally loved so far, but one you take it apart and put it back together a few times it becomes second nature


  • I was able to accomplish shooting 2 hand-thrown clays in .97 seconds! This is just shy of my record with the Browning CXS of .96!

In summary, there should be no surprise that this Browning shoots and feels amazing. A big highlight for me is the canted and adjustable trigger. That is awesome. Speaking of the trigger: Less than 4 pounds!? I'd definitely lean toward this gun for all clay shooting activities. I think I would even hunt with it, to be honest. Let me know your experience on FB and IG if you've shot, or have this gun!

Whether our targets in the field or our targets in life, we will only hit what we are focused on so live the #targetfocusedlife 

Stay Target Focused,


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