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Browning Citori CXS 20 Gauge O/U Shotgun Review

shotgun review Sep 01, 2022


I am A little hesitant when shotgun manufacturers claim that their gun can "Do all the different things" - in this case, the Browning CXS claims to be a crossover suitable for hunting, clays, and everything in between. Let's dive in and see how versatile this 20 gauge CXS really is.


This Browning has as MSRP of $2,529 - I got mine for LESS than that at Reeds Sports

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  • 20 gauge (12ga available)
  • 50/50 point of impact
  • 28" Barrel (30 and 32" available)
  • 7lbs 
  • Length of Pull 14 3/4" 
  • Drop at Comb 1 1/2"
  • Drop at Heel 2 1/4"
  • Comes with 3 invector plus chokes


  • 4lbs 4.5oz (Average pull weight)
  • Very nice light feel
  • This has a nice inertia trigger
  • The trigger position is adjustable
  • Trigger shoe is also replaceable/customizable


  • The first thing I noticed was the slight palm swell on the pistol grip
  • I like the compact forearm - it has a slight taper and the end and has good feeling grips
  • It overall feels great in the hands - very natural feeling
  • I like the weight a little bit out front to help with a smoother swing
  • The checkering is cut 18 lines per inch
  • This CXS mounted up and hit my shoulder very nicely
  • This length of pull fits me well - you could certainly make it longer if you're larger than me, but if you're smaller built than my (5ft 11 7/8) just keep in mind shortening will be an issue
  • Flat vented rib - I prefer a stepped rib personally 
  • Ivory front and mid bead
  • Gloss grade 2 wood looks very nice


  • I have not had this gun for nearly enough time to fully understand its level of reliability. If you have this gun, let me know how it s held up over time!
  • The CXS doesn't eject out super far as you'd usually see - This could be by design so you can easily catch shells
  • Recoil simply feels awesome. Yes, I know it's a 20 gauge. It's very manageable right back into the shoulder.



  • The Citori receiver is a little bit different - the hinge pin spans the entire width of the receiver and has more surface area contact with the barrel - this should help with longevity
  • The locking bolt is also nicely built and larger in size - this locks the barrel much tighter across and even plain
  • Putting the barrel on can be a little finicky if the latch on the bottom of the receiver isn't pushed down first
  • I truly believe that this gun could last a very long time with proper care


  • Before I even got to trying, I just knew that I'd be able to run this gun fast. When I had the Citori HUNTER review I was super successful so I had no doubts about this CXS
  • I was able to shoot 2 hand-thrown clays in .96 seconds!
  • Just as I suspected, this thing handled great, and ran FAST! The 20 gauge recoil definitely helps...

 In summary, I think that this Browning CItori CXS is a fantastic gun. Yes, It is super expensive, YES it shoots like a dream and could be a versatile gun. I'd really like to do a review of the 725 I have to compare it to this gun. But so far all green lights for this Citori lineup. Check it out at REEDS!

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