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Best Budget Trap Shotgun?

shotgun review Jun 27, 2024
Best Budget Trap Shotgun?

Today we're reviewing a very competitively priced dedicated trap shotgun. The CZ All-American is a break-action, single-barrel trap shotgun that has so far, impressed us quite a bit. Today we'll be going over the specs, ergonomics, quality of build, and many other factors to give you an in-depth review of this shotgun. So could this be your next, or first dedicated trap gun? That's your decision! But today, we're going to try our best to lay out this gun, go over its features, and share our opinion of this shotgun through the lens of our professional shooting experience. Let's dive in.

If you have experience with CZ shotguns please let us know your thoughts on the TFL COMMUNITY!   


The All-American was designed to be a clay shotgun, specifically a singles trap shotgun.




  • Specs

    • 12 gauge. (20, 28, .410 available)
    • 2 3/4" Chamber (For trap loads)
    • 32" barrels (34" available)
    • Comes with 5 chokes. Looking for aftermarket chokes? Check out Carlson's Chokes Use Code "targetfocused20" for 20% off.
    • The length of pull is adjustable from 14 5/8" - 15 1/2" 
    • Drop at comb 1 3/4" The All-American has an adjustable comb.
    • Drop at heel 2 1/4"
    • Right-handed palm swell.
    • 8lbs 13oz
    • We got a sub-4lbs average trigger pull weight. This a very light and crispy trigger for the price point.
    • MSRP is $1,299
    • CZ also makes the All-American in a trap combo which offers a second barrel set for doubles trap. The combo comes in at $2,999
  • Ergonomics

    • This CZ has an adjustable trigger.
    • The comb and LOP can be adjusted very easily. Definitely a plus because gun fit is very important.
    • The butt pad can swivel to adjust toe-in and toe-out. The only downside would be the inability to add an after-market recoil pad like a Falcon Strike. You could get creative if you wanted one though.
    • Very nice, large pistol grip with a right-handed palm swell.
    • Standard Grade wood with modest but nice checkering.
    • The forend is a beaver tail - AKA its huge, chunky, and provides a very adequate area to get a good grip on the shotgun.
    • Brass mid-bead and small fiber on the front.
    • The rib is stepped up and vented.
    • The barrel is vented.
    • Rubber recoil pad is quite hard - Perhaps the low-light so far.
    • The top lever is very basic with some small line design. It's very easy to use and is slightly over-sized.
    • This shotgun has shell extractors.
    • The top tang safety is nice and easy to use.
    • The overall ergonomics and build of this gun are great. It feels great in the hands, has tight tolerance, and is balanced nicely.      
  • Recoil and Reliability

    • We'll keep it short and painless for you: This shotgun has minimal recoil.
    • The heavier weight of this shotgun mitigates a lot of the felt recoil. 
    • The largest shell you can shoot through this shotgun is 2 3/4" and trap loads are already light. Expect no issues. The only real recoil discomfort we experienced was a result of the overlly-hard butt pad. 
    • This gun shot and swung very nicely. 
    • If you can speak to the reliability of an All-American please let us know how it's held up on the  TFL COMMUNITY!    
  • Breakdown/Quality of Build

    • Our experience with other CZ shotguns leads us to believe that this one is going to built just as well, and hold up for just as long.
    • A small thing, but this shotgun has no rattles, out-of-place noises or, loose components.
    • The All-American is made in Turkey (ironic given its name)
    • The steel reciever is one of the more solid ones we've look at in this price range. 
    • Super solid construction all the way around
    • The barrel comes off, and goes back on very smoothly. 
    • Three words to describe this shotgun: Solid, Simple, Affordable.
  • Shooting The All-American

    • In every review, we typically do a speed shooting test. However, this shotgun only holds one shell at a time. So instead, we took it out to our favorite shooting park (Alexandria Shooting Park) and shot a round of trap with it. 
    • Recoil seemed to become more of an issue the more we shot. Really hoping to figure out how to get a Falcon Strike on here because shooting it was very enjoyable.
    • It's not ideal to jump into a round of trap with a shotgun you don't have a ton of experience with. We determined that this shotgun seems to shoot more of a 70/30 POI. (We may be wrong)
    • After two round of trap Steve shot a 21, and a 22 out of 25. 
    • We found that when Steve missed, he was missing high. For this reason we LOVE the ability to adjust the comb. A simple tweak may be the difference between a hit bird or a missed one. 
    • Two rounds taught us that this shotgun is solid and smooth. It's not everyday you find a gun that can be both of these things at the same time AND be adjustable too. Our experience was overall very positive.


In conclusion, there is a lot to like about this CZ All-American. If you're looking for a shotgun for singles trap and need some adjustability, it's going to be hard to beat this gun at this price point. It's at an attainable price for a first trap gun, and not cheaply made if you've been shooting for a lifetime and want a good singles trap option. Like we said, solid, simple, and affordable. This shotgun has the TFL stamp of approval. The low-light is the recoil pad. It's thin and hard. But if this isn't an issue for you, we'd certainly recommend you check out the CZ All-American!

Whether our targets in the field or our targets in life, we will only hit what we are focused on, so live the #targetfocusedlife 

Steve Gould 


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