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Could This Simple Product Replace Gun Fitters!?

product reviews Apr 11, 2024
Could This Simple Product Replace Gun Fitters!?

Could This Simple Product Replace Gun Fitters!? We know a shotgun that fits is crucial for good shooting, but many shooters are using shotguns that don't fit them well. You could go out and get a custom fitting and that is a great option, but this new product may allow you to achieve that perfect fit yourself.

The product is called the Shot Fit and we were intrigued, to say the least. We recently got to spend some time with the Shot Fit to see if it can be an effective tool for helping people achieve better fit with their shotguns. Let's dive in.

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So what is Shot Fit?

Shot Fit is a product from Graco that helps you ensure your eye is properly aligned over the rib. With lights that indicate if your eye is high/low or left/right, Shot Fit gives you instant feedback so you can dial in the proper cast and drop of your stock.

The Shot Fit is held to the bore of the barrels with a strong magnet. Then all you have to do is ensure the shaft that sits on the rib is perfectly aligned. Once aligned properly, all you have to do is turn on the lights and mount to see where your dominant eye is aligned relative to the rib line.

How it works

As you can see from the illustration above, there are 4 lights on the Shot Fit. If you mount up and see all four lights clearly, your eye is in alignment with the rib. But, if you when you mount and look down the rib, you only see some of the lights, you are in need of some adjustments. If you only see the red lights, your head is too high. If you only see the green lights, your head is too low. The same goes if you only see the right side or the left side. 

One may say, "why not just look down the barrel to see if your eye is aligned?". That is a great question. We shoot a lot of shotguns and many of them we adjust to fit. When just looking down the barrel our eyes can play tricks on us and give us false feedback. The Shot Fit eliminates the tricks that our eyes play on us.

The Shot Fit is set up for a 60/40 impact. If you'd like to adjust the POI to say a 70/30, this product does come with shims to raise it in small increments to change the point of impact.   

Our Experience with the Shot Fit

We used the Shot Fit to dial in our Rizzini BR110 Sporter IPS. Overall the process was pretty slick. We were able to get good feedback right away and make the necessary adjustments. Now, it may take a couple of rounds of making adjustments to get it dialed in, but overall the process is simple. We made some small adjustments to the comb and then remounted to check again. We repeated this process a few times until the Shot Fit indicated we were perfectly aligned. Then we took the gun out and did a little shooting to try it out and it was good to go.

One thing we learned while using the Shot Fit: You must make sure that this tool is perfectly aligned with the rib. If the alignment isn't perfect, your feedback will be inaccurate. 

Note: If you don't have a good and consistent mount, this product may not be effective for you. A good and consistent mount is crucial before making adjustments. 

Who is the Shot Fit for?

We know that this product isn't for everyone. In our situation, we're getting different new shotguns all the time, and using the Shot Fit will be a very efficient way to make initial adjustments before going out and working with a particular shotgun. If you also have a good amount of shotguns this could be a great tool to have.

We believe a more common customer for this product could be retail shops, gun ranges, and shooting teams. With the wide variety of shooters that visit our home range, The Alexandria Shooting Park, the Shot Fit could be very helpful in getting a quick read on gun fit. Ultimately we believe that high school trap teams around the country could benefit largely from this product. Not every trap coach is necessarily a gun fitter. In fact with the large influx of new shooters joining the sport a lot of coaches are simply parents and community members stepping up to make it happen. Having a tool like this available to a team will result in a more successful team, and a higher confidence level knowing that your shotgun is fit to the shooter. 

In Conclusion, we like the Shot Fit. If your gun doesn't fit, you will never shoot as well as you would if the gun fits. We preach the importance of gun fit and this product can help. Like everything new to the market, it has its learning curve and quirks to work out. But as we just mentioned, in some scenarios this may be a really helpful tool for you. The $159.99 retail price is a small cost to pay if it's going to elevate your shooting.

Will the Shot Fit replace gun fitters...absolutely not. Gun fitters have massive amounts of experience and can dynamically look at all the elements of gun fit. The Shotfit relies on you and your ability to adjust that cast and drop of your gun. If you are willing to spend the time and the money, go get a custom fitting. But even if you have been custom fit and know your dimensions like me, the Shot Fit is a nice tool to have.

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