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New Year, New Shotguns, New Plans

Jan 12, 2023


What's up everyone?! Happy new year! 2022 has been a great journey for TFL and I'm so excited for what 2023 holds! Today's posting is all about what's on tap for 2023, and more importantly, listening to what YOU the reader/viewer, and hearing what yall would like to see out of TFL in 2023. Let's go!

In 2022, we released a video nearly every single week. First of all, in 2023 we're looking to continue that. Reviews have been a staple of the channel and we will continue those but are also looking to make some brand new really fun content as well. On top of the reviews, showdowns will also be continued in 2023. We're also going to be continuing to use our SOSA TEST which was created last year. If you didn't know, this stands for "Steves's Official Shotgun Assessment To Effectively Save Time."  I'm not sure if this acronym saved much time but we're running with it! If You'd like an example of a SOSA TEST (CLICK HERE) to watch my Benelli semi-auto showdown! And lastly, 2023 is going to have more tests and experiments with shotguns. For example, "What happens when a shoot a shotgun without a barrel?" all of these important life questions will indeed be answered on TFL. 

This is where you come in. You've heard what our content is going to be, now I need YOU to let me know what reviews, what showdowns, and what experiments you want to see! The best way to go about telling me what you'd like to see is by clicking (HERE) and joining the TFL community. This community was started when YouTube decided to demonetize the channel for about three months. I needed a way to maintain the connection with my viewers without YouTube getting in the way. The community is now the best place to share, connect with me, and get early content without the oversight of big tech elites. Check it out by clicking that link! This year I am planning to host at least one in-person shooting event for those that are members so check it out!  Another way to submit a request for 2023 would be by clicking on the attached video above, and simply commenting on it through youtube. 

Secondly, I'm working to make a whole series focused on shooting tips and tricks to teach folks how to get target focused in the field. I'm excited about this because as I'm teaching I will be able to get my own practice in and sharpen my own craft. If there's anything in this area that you'd like covered, again, head over to the community or to youtube and let me know!

Third off, something that I am very passionate about but have not done much of on TFL is trick shots. Up until the new year, all trick shots and live shows were done with my brother over on the Gould Brother's YouTube channel. If you haven't heard of that, check it out (HERE) Long story short, for 2023 all live shows and trick shooting will be done under my TFL channel. The live show is brand new and called TARGET FOCUSED LIVE. I am very excited about this! I am holding myself to only perform 10 live shows this year as I'd like to step back, and have more family time at home. If you, anyone you know, your company, or an event would be interested in a live entertainment shooting show, click (HERE) to reach out because spots are filling up! But for you YouTube viewers, trick shot videos will be regular programming of TFL so stay tuned! 

As I mentioned, I will only be doing 10 live shows for the sake of my family. On that same note, one of my 2023 goals is to hunt more. I know it sounds weird because I shoot guns all the time, but when a passion like shooting and hunting is turned into a career, the recreational side of the sport becomes almost impossible. Going out hunting knowing that I have to put together a video in the meantime takes a lot away from the pure enjoyment of simply hunting for fun. My goal is to get back into creation and enjoy God's green earth. With that said, I cant promise a whole lot of hunting videos, but there may be a few sprinkled in throughout the year.

Another big jump for TFL in 2023 is the introduction of a merch line! I am super excited about this and can't wait to hear what you have to say. Here are a couple of my favorite designs. Let me know on the video, or on the TFL community which ones you like best!


And finally, I am planning to make more content around how to ultimately live target focused in life. It's big on my heart to share this philosophy with others so I hope you stick around for the ride!


Whether our targets in the field or our targets in life, we will only hit what we are focused on, so live the #targetfocusedlife 

Stay Target Focused,










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