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Shotgun VS Maple Syrup with Nikki Boxler

Jun 22, 2021

How Many Will it Shoot Through? Had a great time meeting up with the Maple Farmer (Nikki Boxler) for turkey hunting, REAL syrup tasting, and this redneck experiment. More to come from Nikki and I but for now, check out her pages!

Nikki is based in New York and loves to share her passion for the outdoors, and REAL maple syrup. Her family has been in the business since 1928! After experiencing some real Boxler syrup, we figured it was only fitting to shoot down the fake crap with my Winchester SX4. 

We didn't take out as many bottles as we thought we would, but the damage was wide spread. Sticky fake syrup everywhere - as you see in the video, even our shirts got drenched. Luckily, I was sporting my Vortex Wear long sleeve, which easily stood up to the test and washed everything out with ease. 


Nikki's Pages


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