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Stoeger Grand w Adjustable Comb - Good Entry Level Trap Gun?

Stoeger Grand w Adjustable Comb - Good Entry Level Trap Gun?

shotgun review May 11, 2023

Today, we're taking a look at the Stoeger THE GRAND entry-level trap gun in 12 Gauge! When it comes to trap shooting, there's some serious money that can be spent on a shotgun. But what if you're a new trap shooter and don't want to spend a whole lot of money? You may find yourself looking at the Stoeger The Grand to get started. Today we're diving in to help you decide if this Stoeger is a good lower-dollar option for trap shooting! Let's go! If you have experience with The Grand, please let us know on the TFL COMMUNITY!      

Stoeger The Grand in 12 Gauge:


  • 12 gauge (break action)
  • This Stoeger comes with three flush chokes (F, M, IM) - But of course, we'd swap that out with a Carlson's Choke Tube
  • 3-inch chamber
  • 30" single Barrell
  • Shotgun Weight is 9.1lbs 
  • Length of pull is 14 1/2" and is not adjustable.
  • The comb is adjustable up and down


  • Definitely a heavier trigger, relatively speaking
  • 7lbs (Average pull weight)  


  • The first thing we noticed is that the checkering is weak - it's very light and not clearly cut.
  • There seems to be a slight palm swell
  • Initially, mounting this gun did not feel bad at all!
  • We really liked the size and shape of the forend - offered a comfortable hand position.
  • This gun is a balanced rearward which is not our preference for a gun of this weight - We'd prefer to see more weight out front to create a smoother swing.
  • Very basic hard rubber recoil pad
  • The rib on this gun isn't a 'high-rib' per se, but it's definitely taller than your regular stepped up rib - This is not adjustable
  • Huge red fiber on the front - NOT IDEAL!
  • The break action opens a bit tough, being a new gun, but closes and operates smoothly overall.
  • There was a component in the action of this gun that seemed to be loose while we were doing this review - Not sure if this is an isolated incident, but loose pieces is generally a red flag
  • Basic top tang safety
  • No ejectors - just extractors
  • The wood, similar to the rest of this build, is basic - Excited to see how she holds up shooting!



  • We were surprised with how much recoil this Stoeger had with how heavy the gun is - Typically, the heavier the gun, the lighter the felt recoil. This occurrence could have to do with gun fit as well.
  • It felt alright and shot pretty well - recoil is definitely the low light. This is a situation where we'd 100% add a Falcon Strike
  • Overall, everything worked fine for us - If you have experience with this gun, we're relying on you to share how reliable it's been! Chime in on the  TFL COMMUNITY!    


  • We don't really have a lot to say here - It's a $600 break action  
  • The finish is simply blued
  • Standard grade wood, but on the low end of standard grade for sure.
  • Checkering is very light and almost non-existent.
  • For the price point, its built quite well - Can't be too picky with this kind of deal!


  • This gun had a little bit of a learning curve to get into a comfortable rhythm, but eventually, it mounted and shot alright.
  • We noticed that the rearward weight caused us to whip over birds more than we would have liked. 
  • With this experience, we'd definitely be interested in getting this gun on a patterning board.
  • Another observation was that after a full round of trap, there was a fair bit of soreness in the shoulder, which is not normal. 

So the question remains: "Is the Stoeger The Grand a good beginner/budget option" To which we say: Maybe. It all depends on personal preference, body style, and what you want to do with it. If you're a younger person just getting into the sport, we'd maybe suggest spending a few hundred more dollars to save yourself from the recoil. If you're able-bodied and want to get into the sport without spending a whole lot, and this gun fits you, go ahead and get this Stoeger. You can always upgrade later.

Whether our targets in the field or our targets in life, we will only hit what we are focused on, so live the #targetfocusedlife 

Stay Target Focused,



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