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Beretta A300 Ultima Issues | What to do about it?

product reviews Dec 27, 2021


If you own a Beretta A300 Ultima or you are considering buying one, this is for you. Some of the A300 Ultima shotguns have been having trigger issues and today we’re talking about those issues and what to do about it. Should you still consider the Ultima if you haven’t purchased yet? Let’s go! 

If you keep up with my videos, you've learned by now that my Ultima has been acting up. I've had multiple issues that many others are experiencing as well. In my case, firstly, the trigger began to lock back and failed to re-cycle on multiple shots. Secondly, because of this, the safety started to also lock up resulting in a completely jammed up Ultima. Since then, my impatience to send it back to Beretta has led me to come up with some solutions by myself. 

There are 2 small metal struts that are suppose to slide in unison on either side of the hammer - What I observed was that they weren't moving in sync. I also noticed that the hammer seemed to have a slight curve to it. So after thorough inspection, my first solution was to simply buy a replacement hammer for the Ultima. This fixed my issue! I had also tried putting my Beretta Outlander trigger group into the Ultima - spoiler alert - this worked too!

So what should you do? Ideally, sending it to Beretta would be safest bet, but myself and many others have experienced very long wait times. Painful - I know. But if you have the patience, this is what I'd suggest. There is a notice from Beretta regarding these long wait times - to read it CLICK HERE.

You could also go ahead and try to replace the hammer yourself - If you watch the video, I go through how to do this. I got my replacement hammer from Midwest gun works. (CHECK IT OUT HERE) You could also consider replacing the trigger group completely. I'd personally stay away from this assuming Beretta will come out with another batch of problem-solved Ultimas.

Finally, if you haven't purchased one yet but are considering it, you have two options - Hold off and wait for Beretta to release a new batch with the issue resolved. If you want a gun now in that price range, I'd highly suggest considering another gun all together. In which case, the Winchester SX4 is still my recommendation. 


 Remember, whether in the field, or in life, to LIVE Target Focused



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