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Why You Should NEVER Do This… Shotgun Barrel Exploded 💥

shotgun vs May 16, 2024
Why You Should NEVER Do This… Shotgun Barrel Exploded 💥

As responsible shooters, our number one priority is safety. Firearms are powerful tools, so we need to respect them, the sport, and others around us. In this video, we set out to answer the question: What happens when you get an obstruction in your barrel?

In this case, we used mud. Now if you're out hunting it's likely you won't just start shoveling mud into the barrel of your shotgun, but sometimes we fall, trudge through tough terrain, and expose our shotguns to all sorts of elements. Check out the video below to see what happened. Did the results surprise you?

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With safety in mind, note that this experiment was filmed on a closed range with extensive safety precautions, and performed by professionals. Please do not try this at home.

The process of this experiment was simple: Put mud in the shotgun and fire it. We first wanted to create a likely real-world scenario. In the right conditions, it could be possible for you to get mud and debris in the barrel of your shotgun while hunting. So that's what we did. With a little bit of mud in our muzzle, we tied the shotgun down to our led sled and retreated to our safe firing zone. With just a little debris and one shot, upon further analysis, we found that the end of our barrel had started to bulge due to the extra pressure caused by the obstruction. If the barrel or muzzle has a blockage, the only direction the energy can go is either out, (bulging the barrel) or back at you the shooter (If the blockage is dense enough) Both of these situations pose a threat to your equipment, the people around you, and you the shooter.

On shot number two we did the same thing but his time we placed the obstruction closer to the receiver end of the barrel. Long story short, that did it. One trigger pull and our barrel was completely busted. The previous bulge expanded and shredded a hole right in the barrel bending it's metal in every direction. The rib popped of and the muzzle end of the barrel bent downward. The moral of the story is that ignoring the obstruction after the first shot could lead to your last shot if you're not carful and responsible with your equipment. 

Now, this was more of a fun experiment. We sort of knew that this would happen with enough mud. But the principle is what's important here. Be safe, be smart, and be responsible with your firearms so we can maintain the high standard of care and respect that our shooting community is known for. 


Whether our targets in the field or our targets in life, we will only hit what we are focused on, so live the #targetfocusedlife   

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