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If I Could Only Have ONE Benelli Semi-Auto Shotgun

shotgun showdown Sep 08, 2022


Welcome! Today's video is different than anything we've ever done on TFL. We used to do "Shotgun Showdowns" where we put two guns head-to-head that are similar in price, and often different brands. Today's video is unique because we're looking at one manufacturer to answer the question "If I could have one Benelli semi-auto, which would it be?" For this new style of showdowns, we've created something called the "SOSA TEST" which gives us five different categories to rate each gun from 1-10. If you didn't know, "SOSA TEST" stands for "Steve's Official Shotgun Analysis To Effectively Save Time." The beauty of the SOSA TEST is that we can now compare guns with varying price ranges because there is a handicap. Negative points are applied right off the bat based on the price of the shotgun. Below is what the scorecard looks like. The guns go in the left column and are ranked in each category 1-1-10 to accumulate a final score. The


                                                 TFL SOSA SCORECARD:                                                                                                                             HANDICAPS BASED ON PRICE:






M2: $1,559 (-5 HANDICAP)

SBE3: $1,899 (-6 HANDICAP)



Category #1: LOOKS

  • MONTEFELTRO: I like the classy woodgrain but there's nothing special. 7/10

  •  M2: The M2 looks similar to the SBE 3 but the forend lines aren't as slick. 7/10

  •  SBE3: Definitely a step up from the m2. 8/10

  •  ETHOS CORDOBA BE.S.T: Love the looks of this thing. Super slick. 9/10


  • MONTEFELTRO: Again, middle of the road. Was very reliable though. 7/10

  •  M2: This was the lightest recoiling gun! 8/10

  •  SBE3: Slight step down here. 7.5/10

  •  ETHOS CORDOBA BE.S.T: I experienced some issues with the Cordoba today... 7/10


  • MONTEFELTRO: Felt super good, the downside is the flat rib for me. 7/10

  •  M2: Average run here for M2. Similar to the sbe3 but doesn't feel nearly as comfortable. 7/10

  •  SBE3: This gun feels very comfortable to use. 8/10

  •  ETHOS CORDOBA BE.S.T: Gave an extra half point here for ease of use. This gun is beautifully designed. 8.5/10

Category #4: BREAKDOWN

  • MONTEFELTRO: All Benelli's should be no problemo to take apart. I didn't want to waste time trying, but the bolt handle wouldn't come off right away. 8.5/10

  •  M2: Same deal here - super easy but bolt handle struggled. 8.5/10

  •  SBE3: EASY 10/10

  •  ETHOS CORDOBA BE.S.T: Again, easy 10/10

Category #5 VIBES

  • MONTEFELTRO: This gun Impressed me! 7.5

  •  M2: Definitely a good swinging gun. 7/10

  •  SBE3: Solid gun. 8/10

  •  ETHOS CORDOBA BE.S.T: Feels great to shoot. The balance is good. 8.5/10


  • MONTEFELTRO: +1 This gun overall just surprised me!

  •  M2: N/A

  •  SBE3: +1 For being super reliable. I have shot this gun the most out of the group.

  •  ETHOS CORDOBA BE.S.T: +1 For its speed. In the review, I shot a .94!


And just like that, the CORDOBA BE.S.T sneaks right by the SBE3 by a half point! I'd have to agree. This gun seemed to perform above and beyond its price point and I absolutely love shooting it. Let me know your thoughts! Do you agree with me? I'd love to hear your feed back on this scorecard - what to add, what to take away, Let me know!

Whether our targets in the field or our targets in life, we will only hit what we are focused on so live the #targetfocusedlife 

Stay Target Focused,




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