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Browning BPS 12ga Pump Shotgun Review

shotgun review Dec 01, 2022


Once upon a time, in 1977, the first run of the Browning BPS hit the store with an MSRP of $209. The BPS has since been a staple of quality pump shotguns for shotgun shooting disciplines. A lot has changed since 1977, so today, we're looking at the current production model of the BPS in 12 gauge. If you didn't know, "BPS" stands for "Browning Pump Shotgun". 

The Browning Pump Shotgun in 12 Gauge:

  • The current MSRP is $799
  • This gun is intended for hunting and sporting purposes
  • There are a couple of differences between the new and old BPS models - this new one is a matte finish. The old one is blued and with a gloss finish.
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  • 12 gauge - Pump Action (Available in 20 gauge, 28 gauge, and 410 in the field model)
  • 10 gauge available in the composite model (Various camo colors as well)
  • 3 Invector plus chokes
  • 3" chamber (3 1/2" available in the composite model)
  • 28"  Barrell  (26" available)
  • Shotgun Weight is 7lbs 11oz
  • Length of Pull 14 1/4". This fits me well right out of the box
  • Drop at the comb is 1 5/8"
  • Drop at the heel is 1 7/8"
  • These stock measurements are changed from the older BPS models - The new one has a flatter stock (less drop)


  • Trigger pull felt good!
  • I like the extra wide trigger 
  • 5lbs 9oz (Average pull weight)
  • I am happy with this pull relative to other pumps I've shot


  • This gun feels pretty good - the forend is a little wider than what I prefer
  • I appreciate the finger grip contour on the forend, but I wish it came back a bit further toward me as I prefer a little bend in my elbow 
  • The pistol grip is a medium size
  • Forend checkering appears to be laser cut
  • The rib is stepped up (my preference)
  • Single brass bead on front
  • Has the signature gold Browning trigger
  • This is a bottom loader and bottom eject shotgun
  • The trigger guard is a big upgrade from the previous model and provides much more space
  • Top tang safety - Love this for the right of left-handed shooters


  • I've said it before and I'll say it again - As a pump shotgun, there shouldn't be any reliability issues as the whole action relies on our physical movement of the slide
  • This guns recoil feels good when compared to other pump shotguns
  • When I compared my old and new BPS, the old one had more recoil. Good job, Browning!


  • Relative to other pump guns, the BPS is up there on the spectrum of quality
  • I always look at the quality of the build relative to the price. With that said, this Browning has so far lived up to its price point
  • I appreciate the one-pin trigger group design
  • This review was my first time ever taking apart a BPS. It was all fairly easy to figure out as I walked through it
  • John Moses Browning is the GOAT of gun design and this BPS reflected no differently


This evaluation is valuable because it tests how all the moving parts come together. I know you're not buying a shotgun to shoot as fast as possible. But when I'm against the clock, every element of the usability of the gun is tested, from the recoil to the balance, point-ability, the mount, literally everything we look for in a shotgun.

  • I was able to smoke three hand-thrown clays in 1.46 seconds, including the throw. I couldn't seem to get my splits any faster than a .33 and a .35. There were a couple of times when my grip would slip a bit because of the previously mentioned forend width. 
  • I also shot the older BPS and got 3 clays in 1.49 seconds. 

In conclusion, I'd be delighted to have the BPS in the blind or the field. Personally, pump guns are never really my go-to. But compared to other pumps I've shot, this BPS has been impressive. Could you see the BPS serving you right in your situation for what you like to do? Let me know!

Whether our targets in the field or our targets in life, we will only hit what we are focused on, so live the #targetfocusedlife 

Stay Target Focused,



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