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Browning Cynergy Classic Trap Combo Review

shotgun review Feb 08, 2024
Browning Cynergy Classic Trap Combo Review

Today we're looking at the Browning Cynergy Trap combo in 12 gauge. This trap combo comes with a single and double barrel. This is Browning's combo solution for those who want to compete in singles and doubles at a bit higher level. This is a rather unique shotgun and we're excited to share our findings with you today. If you're an invested trap shooter and want to up your game. this may be the shotgun for you. Let's go!

If you have experience with Browning Trap Shotguns please let us know on the TFL COMMUNITY!   


Heres what Browning has to say about it: "Premium trap gun. Period. Make that an exclamation point. If you are serious about shooting trap, and you love the extreme low-profile receiver design of the Cynergy concept, then this is the shotgun for you.


  • Specs

    • 12 Gauge break action shotgun
    • 2 3/4" Chamber
    • Comes with 3 Invector Plus Midas chokes (M, IM, F) - Looking for aftermarket chokes? Check out Carlson's Chokes Use Code "targetfocused20" for 20% off.
    • The length of pull is 14 3/8" -  This is slightly adjustable only because of the trigger's ability to move forward and back. This is a great feature to dial in the trigger to your hand. 
    • Drop at comb 1 1/16" This is adjustable VIA 2 allen keys on the butt-pad.
    • Monte Carlo stock - cast is also adjustable with the comb piece.
    • Drop at heel 2"
    • This shotgun exclusively comes with a single and double-barrel. The double is 32", the single barrel is 34"
    • This shotgun comes with a couple of trigger shoe options to again, fit the trigger perfectly to your hand and style. 
    • 8lbs 15oz - A lot of dedicated trap guns are going to have bt more weight to them to achieve a nice smooth swing
    • 4lbs 6.3 oz average trigger pull weight. - Very crisp good feeling trigger. Helps a ton that we were able to fit it to our hands as well. 
    • MSRP is $4,729
  • Ergonomics

    • There is a lot to talk about in this department. Firstly, the wood. The only option for this shotgun is a grey/black laminated wood. It looks very unique!  
    • This Cynergy feels amazing in the hands. Super well-balanced with comfortable grip points. 
    • The pistol grip angle/radius and palm swell are nicely crafted and feel amazing. 
    • As we mentioned, there are 3 trigger show options. We're using the canted show that allows us to get the most comfortable contact possible. 
    • Because the Combs adjustment screw is in the butt-pad, we don't think you're able to get an aftermarket pad for this Cynergy. 
    • If this shotgun has a lowlight, its probably the butt-pad. 
    • The Cynergy has a traditional barrel selector/trigger switch atop the pistol grip. 
    • When shooting the single barrel, the switch must be set to "U" for the under-barrel. 
    • Both ribs are raised, vented, and come with interchangeable fiber sights. The double barrel does not have an adjustable rib whereas the single barrel does.
    • The forend on this gun has a very nice and well-exaggerated indentation along it for your fingers to rest in
    • The Cynergy trap barrels have an ivory mid-bead. 
    • All the touch points and tolerances on this shotgun are spot on. We're going to be able to shoot this gun well. 


  • Recoil and Reliability

    • We'll keep it short here - There's not much reliability to talk about with an over/under shotgun. The extractors worked flawlessly every time.
    • There was a bit more recoil than we anticipated with target loads being that this gun is nearly 9 pounds. Nevertheless, when you're focused on the target, this shouldn't be noticeable.
    • If you can speak to the reliability of a Cynergy Trap Combo, please let us know how it's held up on the  TFL COMMUNITY!    
  • Breakdown/Quality of Build

    • We think it's pretty much always safe to say that when you get Browning, it's going to be built well. 
    • This Cynergy Trap Combo is built to last. The tolerances are tight and operate very smoothly. 
    • This Cynergy action has been around for quite a while as well. 
    • Inside the receiver, theres a very large hinge area. Meaning, the weight of the shot and the barrel is spread across a wider area, in theory, increasing the longevity of the shotgun's life. 
    • This isn't the fanciest wood we've seen on a shotgun, but its certainly finished nicer than your run-of-the-mill synthetic stocks. 
    • Speaking of the wood, we thing Browning should make a nice walnut version of this shotgun. That would be gorgeous. 
  • Round of Trap

    • In every review, we typically do a speed shooting test. This is where we hand throw 2/3 clays and record how fast we shoot them, as well as the split times between each shot. This is a fun competitive way to see how intuitively the gun mounts, shoots, and follows up on consecutive targets. Everything comes together in speed shooting. However, being that this is a dedicated trap gun, we opted to shoot a round of trap instead.
    • And as we predicted, this shot like a charm. With the single barrel, we scored a 24/25!
    • Afterward, we stepped back to the 27 yard line and took some shots with the double barrel. 
    • This barrel was significantly heavier but created a very very smooth swing. We didn't miss at all with this shotgun. 

 In conclusion, is this a shotgun that we'd consider for our full-time trap gun? Without hesitation, yes. All day long. Given the price though, there a couple of things that we believe could change our minds. Firstly, the inability to install an after-market butt-pad just seems kind of silly. This is because the comb adjustment screw is located through the pad, what you see is what you get in that department. However, we always like a gun that can be well-adjusted to fit the shooter. Another reason we may not pull the trigger on this shotgun just yet is more of a personal preference thing - It's only available in gray/black laminated wood. If were spending this much on a gun, we'd really like to see some high-grade walnut. If that was an option, it'd be an automatic yes. However, that decision is for you to make. Hopefully, our thoughts today have helped you develop your own opinion!

Whether our targets in the field or our targets in life, we will only hit what we are focused on, so live the #targetfocusedlife   

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