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Browning Cynergy CX 12ga Shotgun Review

shotgun review Jun 09, 2022

It's Browning time again! Today we're looking at the Cynergy CX in 12 gauge. This is supposed to be a super versatile gun for all sorts of disciplines while still having that over-under class. Let's put this Browning to the test and see just how well-rounded it is.


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There are 12 different variations of the Cynergy

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  • 12 gauge 
  • 30" Barrel (26" or 28" option)
  • 7lbs 14oz 
  • Length of Pull 14 1/4" 
  • Drop at Comb 1 5/8" 
  • Drop at Heel 2"
  • Comes with spacers to adjust the length of pull
  • Comes with 3 Invector Plus Midus chokes


  • 5lbs 6oz (Average)
  • This trigger feels sooo clean
  • It was a bit heavier than I expected but it felt great


  • The first thing I noticed is that this does not look like you're typical over-under (in a good way!)
  • I also noticed that the hinges operate very smoothly
  • The forearm grip has some crisper edges and isn't as rounded, but has a nice taper to it (feels very natural)
  • The trigger is crescent-shaped but has a flat finger grip
  • Comes with vented barrels and raised rib with ivory mid and front beads
  • Balance is a bit forward which is nice for trap or sporting clays
  • Easy/standard safety


  • This is a solid gun that should hold up extremely well


  • Shooting this test was a breath of fresh air as it took the recoil straight back to my shoulder
  • Ejectors work flawlessly and everything ran super smooth 
  • Not really recoil-related, but I found in this test that the Cynergy CX points and mounts so great. I'm impressed! 


  • The uniqueness about the inside of this gun is that the barrel hinges to the receiver along a much longer surface than most O/U's. I would think that this design will give the gun much more longevity as the tension and pressure are spread across a wider surface.


  • I was able to accomplish shooting 2 hand thrown clays in .99 seconds! This is my fastest time to date with an over-under and I'm loving this gun

In summary, there should be no surprise that this Browning shoots and feels amazing. The question is whether or not you'd buy it and use it for multiple disciples as it's advertised to do. My two cents: I think it is always a good idea to know your preferences and have a primary pursuit. If you are mainly looking to hunt, I'd maybe choose a lighter gun that I can carry easily through the field. If I was looking to shoot clays, my personal preference would be to pick up a bit fancier looking over under because that's what I like in an O/U. I'd also consider how much I am able to tailor a gun to fit me properly as that is arguably more important. Either way, if you see yourself using it in many disciplines, Don't let me hold you back. This gun is simply fantastic! 

Whether our targets in the field or our targets in life, we will only hit what we are focused on so live the #targetfocusedlife 

Stay Target Focused,


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