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Browning Maxus 2 Worth the Money? | Maxus 2 vs Winchester SX4

shotgun showdown Feb 23, 2023
Browning Maxus 2 Worth the Money? | Maxus 2 vs Winchester SX4


Today we have an awesome match-up between the Browning Maxus 2 and the Winchester SX4! What we're really looking to find out today is whether or not the Maxus 2 is worth the extra money when the SX4 shares many of the same internal parts as the Maxus. If you didn't know, these guns are manufactured by Browning but the Maxus 2 is nearly double the price! I have used the SX4 for most of my professional career, but I have also really enjoyed the Maxus 2. Let's get into this showdown! Today we're using the SOSA TEST (Steves' Official Shotgun Assessment To Effectively Save Time). This test has six categories where we rank the guns on a 1-10 scale. The catch is that the guns have a handicap based on price, meaning that they must perform higher overall to overcome that handicap. Below is the standard scorecard and guide for handicaps based on price. Let's go! 


                                                 TFL SOSA SCORECARD:                                                                                                                             HANDICAPS BASED ON PRICE:







Category #1: LOOKS

  • SX4: This is a solid-looking gun. 8/10

  • MAXUS 2: This shotgun stands out to me. The generic Maxus is nice, but this wicked wing edition is fantastic:  9.5/10


  • SX4: Hands down, the Winchester SX4 is one of the lightest recoiling shotguns. I will say that forever...maybe. The SX4 has also been incredibly reliable throughout my career. 9.5/10

  • MAXUS 2: Because a lot of the internals are the same, I'd usually say a tie. But both of these guns were in a frozen shotgun test I did and the Maxus didn't handle it as well as the SX4. In addition, I have had a few minor cycling issues. 9/10


  • SX4: I am so used to this gun that it basically form fits my hands. If I put it in the scope relative to all other guns, though... I'd call it above average. The SX4 is well-balanced as well. 8.5/10

  • MAXUS 2: This is a big selling point and justification for the higher price of this gun. The tolerances are solid, and the grip inlays are a huge plus for me. This shotgun feels great in the hands. The balance is good. 9.5/10

Category #4: BREAKDOWN

  • SX4: This is a fairly easy gun to take apart for a gas shotgun. I've been taking apart the SX4 for a very long time. 8/10

  • MAXUS 2: As I've mentioned, these shotguns are super similar. The ease of breakdown is basically the same as the SX4: 8/10

Category #5 VIBES

  • SX4: I know I can shoot this shotgun well. Very second nature. Most of my trick shots have been pulled off with this gun, and the recoil is super soft. Vibes are high! 9/10

  • MAXUS 2: The tolerances, textures, and grips make shooting the Maxus extremely enjoyable. I may not shoot it as fast, but it feels awesome on the shoulder: 9.5/10


  • SX4: I gave the SX4 a bonus point for being an absolute workhorse and serving me well in my career as a professional shooter and in every test I throw at it.

  • MAXUS 2: I almost gave a bonus point here for the superior ergonomics until I remembered that it let me down in the frozen shotgun test. No bonus here.





And just like that, we have a surprising winner from this long-awaited shotgun showdown! So does this mean that the Maxus 2 isn't worth the extra money? Not at all. That is a decision that you must make for yourself! Everyone had different buying motives and these are just my opinions. These opinions may change as I continue to shoot and experience more guns! But for now, I must say that SX4 is a better deal for the money. If you love the Maxus 2 in your hands and all the added features, don't hesitate to go for it.

Whether our targets in the field or our targets in life, we will only hit what we are focused on so live the #targetfocusedlife 

Stay Target Focused,




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