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Less Shotgun Recoil? Falcon Strike Recoil Reduction

May 06, 2021

FalconStrike makes some big claims about reducing felt recoil from a shotgun. 

FalconStrike Claims:

  • 80% Less Recoil Energy
  • 35% Less Muzzle Lift
  • 25% Less Peak Force
  • 35% Less Rock Back Reduce Recoil

There's really no easy way to test these claims for accuracy but I wanted to know it does the FalconStrike Recoil Reduction System significantly reduce the felt recoil?

To put the FalconStrike to the test I used a Winchester Model 101. I enjoy shooting my 101 but only for a little while. Every time I shoot my 101 it feels like I am getting a light punch to my face. The recoil into my face makes shooting the 101 a less than ideal experience. I decided in advance that if the FalconStike could reduce the recoil and lower make it so my face didn't hurt from shooting, I would be sold on it.

After installing the FalconStrike and getting some rounds downrange, I could instantly tell the difference. I was no longer getting punched in the face. The recoil pulse was reduced and my model 101 was now more enjoyable to shoot making the FalconStike a winner in my book.

Want less recoil? Check out the FalconStike Recoil Reduction System by clicking here.

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