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Fastest Shotgun Ever!? | My NEW Custom Winchester SX4 for Exhibition Shows

product reviews Nov 04, 2021


  Fastest Shotgun Ever!? | My NEW Custom Winchester SX4 for Exhibition Shows:

This brand new custom Winchester SX4 12 gauge may just hold the title of fastest semi-auto shotgun on the planet! I'm excited to share this brand new Winchester SX4 with you and go through some of the modifications I've done to it that have helped me shoot more comfortably, efficiently, and most importantly: FASTER.

As most of you know, I perform a lot of live shotgun exhibition shows around the country with my brother Aaron @thecommonpatriot and together, we're the @gouldbrothers. The time came where I needed a new upgraded show gun that can shoot accurate, reliable, and fast time and time again. Not to mention, this gun looks awesome! Come along and see just how fast this Winchester SX4 can run!

I'd also like to talk about some valued partners of mine that have helped me push this SX4 to its performance limits. 

Falcon Strike: I love using the Falcon Strike Recoil Reduction Pad. Lighter recoil means more comfort, more shooting, and for me, faster follow-up shots. Check them out (HERE)

Carlson's Choke Tubes and Magazine Tubes: These choke tubes are slick! They are incredibly high quality and ensure that my patterns are hitting clays near and far for every live show. Their magazine tube is an essential part of my shows because the more I'm reloading, the less I'm shooting. Check them out (HERE)


Remember, whether in the field, or in life, to LIVE Target Focused



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