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Franchi Affinity 3 20ga Compact Review

shotgun review Jul 22, 2021

The Franchi Affinity 3 20 gauge compact was made for smaller framed shooters. This shotgun is most ideal for youth, petite women, or any fun-sized adult.

The neat thing about this shotgun is that if it is for a growing young person, the gun can grow with them. The length of pull is adjustable from 12-3/8″ to 13-3/8″ and you can add a full-size stock in the future as well.

The Affinity 3 Compact isn't ideal for me to shoot so I had my son, Rylan (9) help out with this review so we could share his feedback.

The Affinity 3 Compact 20 gauge in camo has an MSRP of $959 (Shop the Affinity 3 at Reeds

The Video above includes the full review of the Franchi Affinity 3 20 gauge Compact (Bottomlands Camo) but if you prefer to read about it, below is a quick summary.

Quick Specs

  • 20 gauge
  • 3" chamber
  • 26" Barrell (24" available in Black Synthetic model)
  • 6.0lbs (3")
  • Length of Pull Adjustable 12-3/8″ to 13-3/8″
  • Drop at Comb Adjustable 2″ to 2-1/2″
  • Drop at Heel 1 1/2"
  • Receiver drilled and tapped for scope mounting

Ergonomics/Look & Feel

  • Feels great in the hands and is well balanced
  • Oversized charging handle and bolt release for easy operating
  • Bored out loading port - This is something I love, there is nothing worse than beating up your fingers loading your gun.


  •  5 lbs 14 oz Average
  • Crisp trigger with some travel. Feels good.

Quality of Build

  • I always look at the quality of the build relative to the price. Everything on the Affinity 3 comes together nicely and is tight.

Ease of Breakdown

  • Very simply to break down for a full cleaning. 


  • Moderate recoil. I wish it had a softer recoil pad.


  • After a few hundred rounds, I believe this shotgun is ultra-reliable and will run for a long time without issue (when you shoot with the gun against your shoulder ๐Ÿ˜‰)

Speed Shooting

  • I love to shoot fast and this gun does that pretty well considering the gun is way to small for me.

All around, the Franchi Affinity 3 20 gauge Compact is a really nice gun and my son really enjoyed shooting it on and off-camera.

Would you like to see a head-to-head comparison with another compact semiauto shotgun?

Whether our targets in the field or our targets in life, we will only hit what we are focused on so live the #targetfocusedlife


Stay Target Focused,


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