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hunts Oct 06, 2022


Cory (aka the Goose Wizard) is a good friend of mine, and I have had the privilege able to go on several different hunts with him over the years. One this is for sure, hunting with Corey is always a wild adventure. From hunting hogs in TX to chasing honkers all over MN, there has rarely been a dull moment with Corey. For those that haven't heard of Cory Loeffler, Cory is a goose-calling champion and the owner of DRC Call Co, which makes awesome goose, duck, and even sandhill crane calls. 

In typical Cory fashion, I got a last-minute call to join him on a goose hunt for an early-season goose hunt. So I dropped all the office work I didn't want to do anyways and made the trip to NW Minnesota for another adventure with Cory. 

Upon arrival, we were already behind so we started throwing all the gear together and packing it all up. As we drove to the field we were going to hunt, where permission was secured just minutes prior, Cory is still making calls for more last-minute invites.  Once we hit the field we got right to work putting out the decoys and found our spots in the custom-fabricated trailer blind that Corey made. We met our new hunting friends, one of which was Luke Corniea. Luke loves waterfowl hunting and has a Youtube channel called BW Films.

I am always fascinated by how Corey always seems to be putting a plan together last minute and I am even more fascinated by how they always seem to come together and are wildly successful. This night was no different; we got plenty of good shooting and even managed to down one banded goose from North Dakota.

After a short night's sleep we were back at it again, this time with bows in hand but still goose hunting. I got the chance to fling a 60+ yard shot at a banded goose but shot just a little high. I got one more chance at a goose just over 20 yards and I smacked it! I was so jacked, my first goose with a bow, or I thought. More banded geese landed behind us, and we were waiting for our shot when after 20 minutes the goose I shot got up and started walking away like there was nothing wrong. What!? After walking up to where I shot the goose, there was no blood, my arrow must have just hit a wing...dang.

Then we picked up quickly and head to a little cattle point for more action. The geese piled in fast in big groups, and after a quick hit of action, it was all over but the cleaning. Another successful hunt. But that begs the question, what is a successful hunt? This is a question that is unique to each individual, but to me, success is being in nature and having fun with good friends in the pursuit of  game. Bagging birds is always a nice bonus, and thankfully, when I hunt with Cory, we always seem to have success and the bonus of birds to shoot at.

Whether our targets in the field or our targets in life, we will only hit what we are focused on so live the #targetfocusedlife 

Stay Target Focused,


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