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Dec 01, 2022



Assuming you've seen the video title, blog post, and thumbnail, I'll just cut to the chase: My three partners and I recently closed a deal on a shooting park in Minnesota. Since my professional shooting career began, my dream has been to own a shooting venue. The range we bought has a lot of great things going on already, and we intend to bring it to the next level.

We look forward to creating safe, fun, and relationship-building experiences for all ages and walks of life. Creating these experiences in a family-friendly environment, in my own community, is a tremendous opportunity. I am very blessed and honored to open this new chapter in my life, and I'm very excited to share it with you!

I have three amazing partners that have come alongside me to begin this journey. Allow me to introduce them:

Tyler Notch 

Tyler Notch is a community-involved local who works as an admin in the healthcare field. "But Steve, what does a health admin have to do with a shooting park?" Well, besides being an all-around stud and leadership guru, Mr. Notch is very skilled in the art of archery. "But Steve, archery has no place at this park!?" You would be very wrong, my friend. I haven't shared any yet, but we have some big plans for this park, and 3-d archery is a big one on the list. I am super stoked to have Tyler on the team.

Garrett Streitz

Speaking of shooting, this is a guy that knows a whole lot. Mr. Streitz is an owner of Alex Pro Firearms (APF), an AR manufacturer. APF started in our local area, but it has grown to be a very successful business. Besides being a notable industry figure and making fantastic firearms with a good reputation. He may also know a thing or two regarding pistol and rifle ranges: another addition to the park we're heavily considering. Garrett is most definitely the man for the job and a great asset to our team. 

Zach Johnson

Last, and certainly not least, is a very recognizable name: Zach Johnson, AKA The Millennial FarmerIf you've been on YouTube in the last five years, you may recognize the name. Mr. Johnson has a very successful channel focused on documenting his life while running a family farm, driving racecars, and having fun. His down-to-earth attitude and sense of humor have cultivated an invested and unique following. Zach shares the same family and community values that the rest of the team and I aim to embody with this new journey.

If it weren't for this awesome team, none of these dreams would be possible. I am grateful to be surrounded by great people. Let's talk about this shooting park.

The Alexandria Shooting Park (ASP)

Currently, ASP is the largest trap range in Minnesota, with 20 trap fields. There are also 2 skeet fields. ASP host the larger shooting event in the country, the MN High School Championships. In addition, ASP hosts the MN Shoot and many other sizable events throughout the year. There are regular tap leagues hosted here as well. The biggest amenities besides the trap and skeet shooting opportunities are a 300-person ballroom, and, probably, the coolest: 149 RV-ready camping sites. I am especially excited to capitalize on what we can do with this camping site. We already have the capacity to host large events, so why not put the campsites to good use and bring in more events!? I would love to see this park host some sizable outdoor-industry events.

If you're ever in the area come spring of 2023, we will be ready for you at the Alexandria Shooting Park! We've got plans-We're taking all winter to brainstorm new attractions, revamp the place, and get ready for a new wave of shooters in 2023! See you then! 

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