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Steve Gould LIVE Exhibition | Las Vegas

live exhibitions Oct 21, 2021

Howdy Y'all!

This is a little recap of one of my favorites stops from this last summer - The Pro Gun Club in Boulder City Nevada. This was a live solo show at a Boy Scouts fundraising event and I had a bunch of fun...but it was hot - HOT I tell you.

This was the day after Aaron and I had performed two shows at the DUX event in Dallas which had me pretty exhausted as it was. Unfortunately, my flight out of Dallas that night was also delayed which made for a very late night getting into Vegas. But as they say, THE SHOW MUST GO ON - so my cameraman (Jordan) and I got to it, had a fun show, and had a chance to hang out with some of the attendees afterwards.

More reviews to come soon! But for now, enjoy this nice little show from the middle of the desert :)


Be sure to check out the Gould Brothers show in Dallas (Here)


Check out the PRO GUN CLUB while you're at it too (Here)


Remember, whether in the field, or in life, to LIVE Target Focused



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