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NEW SHOTGUNS for 2023 | Unboxing Video

shotgun review Mar 09, 2023


Howdy folks! We just got back from a quick trip to south Georgia. Unfortunately, Minnesota is still covered in snow, keeping us from cranking out shotgun reviews. Luckily, our friends from The Ranges at Oakfield Shooting Range allowed us to come in and use their beautiful property to film TFL content. I just got a bunch of new guns and couldn't wait to shoot them! This video is a quick unboxing of all our new shotguns for 2023! Be sure to check out Ranges at Oakfield (HERE) it's an awesome range in south Georgia that has trap, skeet, five stand, rifle range, pistol bays, and amazing scenery! We're super grateful for their willingness to host us! Cameraman Jordan put together a nice video showing off the property that you can check out (HERE) If you are excited about all the great shotgun content to come, consider checking out the all-new TFL merch! We're super happy with our new merch offerings in stock now. Get yours before they run out! (SHOP HERE)

Without further ado, let's get into our first batch of new shotguns for 2023. In the first year of TFL, we heavily focused on semi-auto upland guns. The next year we introduced over/unders and pumps. This year, since we've covered a large portion of the market already, our focus is on brand-new guns, different variations of guns, and a hodgepodge of smaller brands that aren't necessarily competing with the Browning/Benelli's of the world. Since Steve recently bought a shooting park, he's began his search for the perfect trap gun. Trap shooting will be a new consistent them of TFL this year. Let's talk about some of our new guns:

1. Tristar Setter ST - As We've said before, Not a lot of our time has been spent shooting Tristar. They're a great budget gun with a heavy focus on trap, but besides that, we'll be learning right alongside you.

2. Benelli Montefeltro - You may be thinking "Didn't yall already review this?" Yes, yes we did. But, if you saw the 2023 SHOT SHOW video, you learned that both the Benelli Montefeltro and M2 are brand new. Literlly everything is different. You're going to want to stay tuned for those reviews. We are super excited to get hands on with these new Benellis.

3. CZ Sharptail - CZ shotguns have been among the most requested shotguns for review. This over/under from CZ is in 20 gauge and looks really top-notch for the price point that it comes in at. 

4. SKB 90-TSS - Last year we looked at the SKB RS300. The adjustability was a super big highlight of this gun. This 90-TSS is a hybrid trap that appears to have the same adjustability. Very excited about this shotgun.

5. Stoeger 3020 - Last year we looked at the Stoeger M3500. As far as we're aware this is the same gun but in 20 gauge. 

6. Stoeger Condor - If you're shopping over/unders and trying to pinch a few pennies, the Stoeger Condor may be an option that keeps popping up. If it shoots anything like it's competitor, the Stevens 555, we promise it won't be a 10/10 review. But judgments are to come!

7. Pointer Field Tech 4 - Pointer shotguns are not something you hear about often. At first glance, it seems to come together quite well and looks sharp for being a budget gun. We also like that its a "pointer" rather than an "aimer"...

8. Beretta A400 XCEL Multi Target - We've spent a lot of time with the A400, and the A400 Sporting. This Multi-Target is one of Berettas hybrid trap models. This thing is an absolute beast with oversized everything, a 32-inch barrel, and pushing 9 pounds. I cannot wait to try this semi-auto on the trap field.

9. Remington (Rem Arms) V3 - This gun is probably in the top-3 list for new guns we're most excited about. This is the brand-new installment of the V3 manufactured by Rem Arms. Rem Arms bought out and took over Remington when they went bankrupt so this is one of their first guns to hit the market under the new ownership. Super stoked to see what's new with Rem Arms!

10. Benelli M2 - As earlier mentioned, this M2 is part of the all-new Benelli roll-out. All I'll say for now is if you were to simply look at this new M2 for a second, you'd think it was an Ethos. Wait for the review to learn more!

11. Stoeger Grand - Diving into the trap gun world means giving the budget trap guns a chance too. This Stoeger "The Grand" is a chunk. Curious to see how it shoots!

12. Browning Cynergy Trap Combo - This gun came to play... it arrived in a padlocked case that was heavy enough to be full of bricks. Once we figured out how to open it, we witnessed what appeared to be a very nice, great-looking, quite expensive trap gun with two barrel options. With a case this nice, the gun must be awesome... right? We'll find out soon!

13. Browning BT-99 - To top it all off, we have another classic Browning single-barrel trap gun. This one is a bit more affordable than the last trap gun. I imagine it'll shoot equally well. Time will tell!

That's a wrap on this quick unboxing session! Thanks for tuning in. LET US KNOW which gun you're most excited about on the TFL community!

Whether our targets in the field or our targets in life, we will only hit what we are focused on, so live the #targetfocusedlife 

Stay Target Focused,










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