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My NEW Ultimate Safe Room Build

product reviews Jan 19, 2023
Ultimate Safe Room Build


My Brand New Ultimate Safe Room Build

I'm super excited about my brand new safe room build and want to tell you all about it! Long story short, last year I was invited to a shooting event in Arizona put on by a company called Lockdown. It was a super cool event with a bunch of shooting, networking, and company. They even gifted us with some guns at the end of it. As you may know, the current room is basically filled to the brim with how many guns I've been reviewing. Where the heck was I going to fit 3 new guns?! Well lucky for me, Lockdown happens to specialize in custom gun wall panels, and wanted to partner with me after seeing my first gun room tour that I posted on the Gould Brothers channel. You can check out that video (HERE) Now that I think about it, they probably only had me down for their event because they saw that my gun room needed some serious help...


Anyways, I'm super honored that Lockdown stepped up to help me out with my new room. Their "secure wall" panels went up super easy in my room and fit perfectly to my room dimensions because they mount in a modular-type fashion. I have an official affiliate link that you can use to check out the awesome Lockdown products! Check it out (HERE)

Now that Lockdown has hooked me up with a way to practically display some of my favorite guns, let's talk about what I got cooking!

Mossberg 500: This gun deserves a good spot in the safe room. This was my first ever gun and played a huge part in the early days of my career!

Winchester SX2: As my career took off and my shooting improved, I knew that I'd have to move to a semi-auto. I was still a young broke kid when I began my search so the SX2 was the best gun I could get for the money at this point. A lot of rounds through this gun!

Winchester SX3: As time went on, the natural next step was to upgrade to the SX3. I'd call this my first serious official show gun. It came with a dura coat grip that absolutely glued to your hands - perfect for unorthodox shooting styles. This good was part of the first "upward swing" of my career as a professional shooter.

Winchester SX4: I'm sure you saw it coming; the SX4 has been my absolute workhorse as we really started to travel a lot and perform a lot of shows. This SX4 has done so many trick shots and seen so many experiments. A super memorable video that this was part of was "Shotgun VS Spray Paint" It's a cool video that you should check out (HERE) There is blue spray paint stuck onto this gun to this day! The SX4 is still my show gun. I have a new one with TARGET FOCUSED LIFE graphics done by a local company called Dead Eye Liquid Graphics. I love this gun and plan to continue using it. 

Franchi Affinity 3:  Speaking of exhibitions, I am however lightly considering a change from the SX4. The Franchi is a gun that I have come to truly love and would definitely like to try it out as an exhibition gun. 

Mossberg 940: This is another gun that has impressed me. I have done a lot of Mossberg shooting this year and have a new respect for their firearms after doing a 940 review with Jerry Miculek himself. You should check out that video (HERE)  I'd highly consider this for a new show gun as well. 

Browning 725 Sporting: Last year I really upped my game by doing over under reviews and the one that really stood out to me was the browning 725 sporting. This is a 28 gauge and it shoots like an absolute dream. It has an adjustable, mechanical trigger with a super smooth pull. 10/10 gun for me. 

Lever Action RIfles: I do not shoot a lot of lever action, so I have all of these mint-condition rifles nicely on display on my new Lockdown Secure Wall Panels. Some of my favorites are Winchester Model 1886, 1866 38 Special, and a model 1892 in 357. Like I said, I don't shoot them much, but I'd love to get some more historic guns for my display!

Browning A5: Speaking of historical guns, I had the honor of picking up a vintage Browning A5 from an estate of a late cousin of mine. This A5 is the old model where the whole barrel moves to automatically cycle the next shot. Super cool stuff! John Browning is the GOAT. 

Winchester Model 12: I have a special shot on the wall for my old model 12. This is an absolute legend of a gun that had a lot of popularity back in the day. One of history best exhibition shooters, Herb Parsons shot a model 12 in his shows. 

M1 Garrand: The M1 is a must-have among many gun collectors. The one that I have is an authentic WW2-era M1. A lot of M1s are pieced together with different parts from different manufacturers. I know that mine is era-authentic because the receiver on mine is made by Winchester who only produced M1 receivers during WW2.

S&W M&P 12: This is a super unique short barrel, bullpup, pump shotgun designed for home defense. This is one of the guns that Lockdown gifted me for attending their event. My brother Aaron and I did a field test with this gun on the Gould Brothers channel. Check it out (HERE)

Stevens/Savage Bolt Action Shotgun: I recently put out top 5 videos for the best semi-autos, over-under, and pump shotguns. A fun video that I'll probably never make is a top 5 best bolt action shotguns. This is a super unique gun that's a ton of fun to shoot. It's a very strange feeling to rack in a shotshell with a bolt action. 

Browning Buckmark 22LR: This is a super fun little gun. You cant beat a 22LR when it comes to range fun. This is the gun that I used when I tried to shoot a flying clay out of the air while wearing drunk goggles. I couldn't do it, so I challenged 22 Plinkster to try it for $1,000. And he got it... Check that fun video out (HERE) 

Ruger Vaquero Revolver: Another handgun that I've had a lot of fun with is this Ruger Revolver. This gun was part of one of the hardest video shoots I've ever been a part of. "Revolver Trick Shots" on the Gould Brothers channel was the video. I shouldn't have to explain that hitting flying objects with a revolver is a super tough task. Check it out (HERE)

Polymer 80 9mm: This is another sick gun from Lockdown. This is one of those guns that I have loaded and at the ready. It has a crimson trace red dot and feels super good. Thanks, Lockdown!

CVA Scout 410: This gun is special to me. I originally got it for my son so he could shoot his first turkey without the punishing 12 gauge recoil of a turkey load. Long story short, he got his turkey! The success of that hunt is largely due to Federal's new TSS Turkey round. LETHAL I tell you. This is also the gun I used to get my first Ocelola turkey last year.

APF 300 WIN MAG: I had to bring this gun out. I'm a huge APF fan. I used this gun to shoot a flying clay out of the air while using a mirror to aim, and holding the gun backward over my shoulder.

Glock 22: This is a gun that typically inst in my safe room. I have it set up with a flashlight on it. I keep it stowed away in my bedroom for those that feel like visiting me without an invitation.

Memorabilia: Over the years collected some pretty cool pieces of memories that I keep on display. I have a signed picture of the Miculek family from when I was just a young guy with a dream. On the day that dream was born I had purchased a REEDS hat from the Rice Creek Gun fair that Tom Knapp was performing at. I had it signed by him as well. This is probably my favorite collectible. I also have a signed 22Plinkster hat. Ammo signed by Dustin Ellerman, a clay signed by Travis Mears, a Dude Perfect-signed hat, and the Basketball that I shot in the Dude Perfect video collaboration. Check out that video (HERE)

Thanks for coming along on the tour! I wasn't to give a HUGE thanks to lockdown for helping me build out my safe room, and for sending me some sick guns! I Highly highly recommend you check them out for a variety of solutions for your gun storage problems. CLICK HERE!

Whether our targets in the field or our targets in life, we will only hit what we are focused on, so live the #targetfocusedlife 

Stay Target Focused,










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