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My 9 Year Old Son's First Turkey Hunt with a 410

turkey hunt Jun 11, 2021

My 9 Year Old Son's First Turkey Hunt: This was the first time that one of my kids have harvested an animal on their own. Hunting with my son was an absolutely incredible experience that brought us so much joy in the moment and created memories that will last a lifetime.

Hunting is fun, but helping my son connect on his first Turkey was way more fun than any hunt I have ever been on. Have you ever helped anyone harvest their first wild game? What was the experience like for you?


CVA Scout 410 Shotgun What a cool little gun that is easy to use, shorten for smaller shooters, and it was perfect for this turkey hunt.

Federal TSS 410 Tukey Ammo Before TSS I would have never thought to use a 410 for Turkey hunting, but this stuff is lethal!

Vortex Crossfire Red Dot Once I started using red dots for turkey hunting, I would never go back. Red dots are especially well suited for helping youth place a perfect shot.

Carlson's TSS Choke Great shotgun ammo requires a great choke tube, that's why I went with Carlson's.

Sitka Gear  It was hard to spend the money, but once you get great gear outdoor experiences are so much better...and more comfortable!

Lacross Alphaburly 1600g I hate cold feet! I have been loving these boots over the last year!

Thank you for watching and subscribing. What other kid hunts would you like to see? Let me know on the socials.

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