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How To Shoot a Shotgun | Teaching Youth to Shoot

how to shoot a shotgun Oct 28, 2021


Today we're talking about some important stuff! If you have a new or young shooter in you're life, you've come to the right place! Todays video is all about how to have a safe, fun, and successful time introducing someone to the shooting sports.

These basics apply to all types of shooting but this channel is all about shotguns, so that will be my (Target) focus. My son, Rylan will be my co-host, and example for how to go about getting your youth involved successfully.

I hope you find value in this content, and have the opportunity to share this lifetime sport with someone special in your life! A basic refresher course never hurt anyone either! So come along and learn all about how to shoot a shotgun with me!  

I like to break it down using the "SFS" method - here's the just of it

S - Safe

Always reiterate basic gun safety with a new or youth shooter

Make sure the gun is always pointed in a safe direction

work on keeping safety on, and the chamber unloaded until ready to shoot

F- Fun

If your new shooter isn't having fun, be sure to be patient, and not push it. You don't want to create a bad experience 

Make sure that they're willing to continue shooting - never push to hard

Make sure that the gun fits them properly and doesn't hurt the shooter

Make sure the recoil isn't painful - consider getting a falcon strike if the recoil is to much for your new shooter here

S - Successful

Lastly, you want to have an overall successful experience. This doesn't mean hitting every shot - this means having an enjoyable learning experience and sharing a lifetime sport with someone regardless of how many targets you hit

On a more technical note, make sure that your new shooter is properly mounted in accordance to their dominant eye. You will hit more targets if your eye is lines up correctly

Hopefully this helps you successfully get out and introduce this awesome life sport to someone special in your life. Remember, live target focused!

- Steve


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