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The BEST Pump Shotguns of 2022

shotgun showdown Dec 08, 2022



Due to popular demand, we took a bit of a break from semi-autos in 2022 to review a bunch of pump action, and over-under shotguns. I've had a lot of fun branching out and exploring what the top manufacturers offer hunters and sportsmen interested in pumps and over-under shotguns this year. Today I'm giving you the first of my 2022 "Best of" series and breaking down my top pump shotguns for 2022. In this series, we're looking at five categories: Best for clay shooting, duck hunting, upland hunting, all-purpose, and best bang for the buck. Stay tuned because next week is the best over-under shotguns, followed by the best semi-autos to wrap up the year. Do you agree with my picks? Did your gun make the list? Let me know in the TFL Community.



Browning BPS 12 Gauge

(WATCH REVIEW HERE) The Browning BPS has been around for a long time. There have been some changes since its inception in 1977. This is just a great all-around pump shotgun. In the review, I'll admit I had some trouble shooting fast, but that's not the nature of what most folks are using this gun for. What I personally like about it for clays is its raised rib. I've found my head low sometimes if the gun has a flat rib. I also really appreciate the ergonomics as this gun could be fit to a right or left-handed shooter with its top tang safety and bottom eject action. This Browning is balanced well but is a bit hefty. For this reason, making this the best clay gun was even easier. Heavier guns have a smoother swing, and I wouldn't want to carry this gun around in the field all day. Therefore, my clay gun pick for 2022 is the Browning BPS.




Benelli Nova 12 Gauge

Notice that I didn't say Super Nova. If you went back and watched my review of the Nova and Super Nova (WATCH HERE) you'd learn that although both are great guns, I couldn't justify the Super Nova price when the Nova performed seemingly just as well. This gun is a tank. Super heavy, super rugged, and perfect for the duck blind, in my opinion. The way this gun is put together makes this a gun that will hold up to the elements for a long time. The heavier weight is going to help with the recoil of those heavier duck loads too. Plain and simple, it's the Benelli Nova in the duck blind for me!




Remington 870 Wingmaster 12 Gauge

Talk about a classic! As you may know, the old Remington went bankrupt and was purchased by a new company called Rem Arms. They have begun to manufacture the FieldMaster, and WingMaster again under this new name. This is super exciting news to many people, and I was stoked to get a brand new Rem Arms-Wingmaster for Reeds right when they came out. I did a full 870 Line review and compared the new stuff with the old stuff - It's a solid video and I think you should check it out (WATCH HERE) So, anyways, I picked the 870 for a couple of reasons. One, it's lighter than some of the other options I considered. It also has a stepped-up rib. Two, It has an awesome wood finish with a grip that feels good. I wouldn't normally reach for a pump while upland hunting, but through all my testing this year, I can say that the Wingmaster would be my go-to.




Mossberg 500 Combo Barrel 12 Gauge

(WATCH REVIEW HERE) The Mossberg 500 is the first shotgun I owned. I got this shotgun way back in the day when I was first getting into shooting. I was a broke college kid and wanted options. I picked up this 500 with a bird/buck barrel combo and enjoyed it. To be honest, as I started getting into semi-autos this Mossberg became an afterthought. As the requests came in, I gave the ole' Mossberg another chance and liked it. Originally I had developed a negative thought of the 500 as my past experiences with it included a bunch of felt recoil. As my new respect for this gun has developed, there's still no hiding that the recoil is a lot. With that said, there's also no hiding that Mossberg is actually a high-quality firearms manufacturer.  As I shoot these Mossbergs more and more, It is my opinion that they're a good, reputable, American company with good firearms. The 500 is a versatile all-around gun and it's for this reason that I picked the Mossberg as my all-purpose gun.




Winchester SXP 12 Gauge

(WATCH REVIEW HERE) This was a fairly easy decision for me. The SXP has been in my lineup for about a decade and has remained a workhorse. This is a gun that I've used in pretty much every live show that I've performed. It is also the most affordable gun on this list! So it was kind of a no-brainer. The SXP comes in so many different options and combos that it's hard not to call it the best bang for the buck. The one that I'm specifically talking about here today is the hybrid hunter which has a super cool tan color scheme to it with an incredibly solid build quality all around. The only "Quality" issue I've noticed with the SXP is that the fiber bead likes to fall off. But personally, I don't use it, so I don't care!


These are my top picks for pump guns in 2022! thanks for tuning in! Please note that as I review more guns and have more experiences, this list might change. Also, note that this is just my opinion and you are fully entitled to yours! With that said, hop on free TFL community and let me know if you agree/disagree or whatever!

Whether our targets in the field or our targets in life, we will only hit what we are focused on, so live the #targetfocusedlife 

Stay Target Focused,



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